Books and Catalogs featuring Asbestos Gaskets

Crane Engineering Data Catalog

Crane Engineering Data Catalog (1976)
Detailed description of asbestos valve packing and gaskets.

Piping Design and Engineering

Piping Design and Engineering (1951)
Grinnell Company. Asbestos-Cement Pipe, Asbestos Gaskets.

Victor Gasket Guide

Victor Gasket Guide (1951)
Asbestos parts for cars, engines, trucks, tractors, etc. Asbestos gaskets, packing, oil seals, brake lining, Victopac, & Corbestos.

Rambusch Lighting Catalog

Rambusch Lighting Catalog (1960)
Asbestos gaskets used.

O C Keckley Advertisement

O C Keckley Advertisement (1943)
Copper asbestos gaskets used in valves.

Vogt Valves Advertisement

Vogt Valves Advertisement
Vogt Forged Steel Flow Control Valves had steel-Asbestos gaskets.

Charlotte Chemical Laboratories Inc. Advertisement

Charlotte Chemical Laboratories Inc. Advertisement
Blue Cape Asbestos for acid resisting gaskets, packing, etc.

Nicholson Traps, Floats, and Valves Catalog

Nicholson Traps, Floats, and Valves Catalog
Circa 1952. Valves contained rubber or asbestos gaskets.

Flexitallic Spiral-Wound Gaskets Advertisement

Flexitallic Spiral-Wound Gaskets Advertisement
Gaskets made of Canadian Asbestos, Blue African Asbestos and Teflon-Impregnated Asbestos.

Grinnell Catalog G-69

Grinnell Catalog G-69 (1969)
Kennedy Valves and Jenkins Valves. Asbestos gaskets, packing, and more.

Vogt Catalog F-11

Vogt Catalog F-11 (1970)
Asbestos used for packings and gaskets.

Deming Pumps Commercial Catalog C-54

Deming Pumps Commercial Catalog C-54 (1954)
Asbestos filled copper gasket used in water systems and pumps.

Seals and Packings

Seals and Packings (1967)
Formerly owned by Johns-Manville. Asbestos recommendations for joints, gaskets, static seals, etc. Oil, petrochemical, refrigerants, acid, chemical applications.


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