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Welcome to our website! We specialize in books and other documents that deal with the use of asbestos products or provide information about asbestos hazards. Our inventory includes old medical books and occupational health books dating back to the 1930s that mention asbestosis. Starting in the 1950s, some medical textbooks mention asbestos caused cancer and, beginning in the 1960s, mesothelioma.

Asbestos was used in a wide variety of products and many books and catalogs are available to document its use in building products, valves, piping, automobile parts, airplanes, U.S. Navy ships, and much more. Many of these books recommend sepecific guidelines for the product usage with detailed instructions or diagrams. In addition to books, we also have advertisements and brochures.

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Owens-Corning Fiberglas Insulation Catalog

Owens-Corning Fiberglas Insulation Catalog (1965)
Kaylo block insulation for equipment is described as containing asbestos.

Guide to the Prevention and Suppression of Dust in Mining, Tunnelling, and Quarrying

Guide to the Prevention and Suppression of Dust in Mining, Tunnelling, and Quarrying (1965)
International Labour Office. Danger of Asbestos Dust, Asbestosis, respirators, ventilation, and preventive methods.

Cheney & Company Advertisement for Troegerlith Flooring

Cheney & Company Advertisement for Troegerlith Flooring
Circa 1924. Troegerlith Flooring, a Magnesite Asbestos Composition.

Sewers for Growing America

Sewers for Growing America (1966)
Published by Certain-Teed Products Corporation, Pipe Division. Fluid-Tite Asbestos Pipe is described in detail, including asbestos content, installation instructions, etc.

Cambridge Filter Corporation Advertisement

Cambridge Filter Corporation Advertisement
Glass-asbestos filter medium for industrial air cleaning.

Johns-Manville Documentation on Trancell

Johns-Manville Documentation on Trancell
Trancell, an asbestos product, was used for housing electrical equipment. Transite also described as containing asbestos.


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