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Title: Installation Guide for Transite Pressure Pipe

Author: Johns-Manville

Publisher: Johns-Manville

Publication Date: 1950

Asbestos References:
Asbestos is NOT mentioned, but it is well established that Transite contained asbestos during the 1950s.

This manual has procedures for working with Transite pipe which would have created dusty conditions. For example, it has instructions on cutting pipe while it is dry, using hand saws or power-driven saws.

This manual was written for the men who direct and do the actual work of handling and installing Transite Pressure Pipe. It contains information on receiving and handling, distributing, excavating trench, supporting pipe, lowering into trench, assembly of pipe and coupling, use of short lengths, cutting pipe, assembly at fittings, installation at hydrants, service connections, backfilling and tamping, pressure tests - leakage tests, and repairs to damaged pipe.

Condition: Good. Name to first page. Otherwise, pages are clean and unmarked.

Pages: 115

Weight: 5oz

Dimensions: 4.50" x 8.00"

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