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Title: Lot of brochures showing Air Pollution Control Equipment

Asbestos References:
The Pentapure Impinger brochure is the only one that mentions asbestos.

There is a paragraph describing the Pentapure application of remo

ing asbestos fibers from the air. The Pentapure was installed on an asbestos mixer at the Johns-Man

ille plant in Waukegan, IL.

Lot of brochures showing Air Pollution Control Equipment

- The Pentapure Impinger, a product of The Purity Corporation (5 pages)

- Hawley Manufacturing Corporation, describing the Mob-L-Vent and Tra

-L-Vent (3 pages)

- Schneible Co, Air pollution control systems (7 pages)

- Standard Ha

ens Baghouses and E


e Coolers (6 pages)

- Fecor Industries, Cupola Emission Controls (3 pages)

- Centrifold wet contact scrubber, Entoleter Inc (2 pages)

- Riley En

ironeering Inc, wet scrubber systems (2 pages)

- Carter-Day HC, A Hart-Carter Co, air pollution control (5 pages)

DATE: These are from the early 1970s (no later than 1974-1975). Howe

er, they are not all dated.

Condition: Good. These were remo

ed from a bound compilation, so the pages are all separate. Minor wear.

Pages: 33

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