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Title: Airman: Navy Training Manual

Author: Bureau of Naval Personnel

Publisher: United States Government Printing Office

Publication Date: 1965

Asbestos References:
- The Chapter on "Aircraft Powerplants" mentions the use of asbestos fiber around the exhaust cone.
- The Chapter on "Crash Rescue and Firefighting" describes the following protective clothing: asbestos hood, asbestos gloves, asbestos suit.

The Airman
Organization of Naval Aviation
Introduction to Aircraft
Aircraft Structures and Control Systems
Aircraft Powerplants
Electrical Systems and Instrumentation
Communications and Navigation Equipment
Radar and ASW Equipment
Aviator's equipment
Aircraft Handtools and Hardware
Aircraft Handling and Servicing Equipment
Line Operations and Maintenance
Aviation Ordnance
Crash Rescue and Firefighting

Condition: Good. Some cover wear. Name to first page. Otherwise, pages are mostly clean and unmarked.

Pages: 302

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 1lb 6oz

Dimensions: 8.00" x 10.25"

SKU: 416

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