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Title: American Maintenance Manual for AMASPRO Products: Roof Coatings, Paints, Varnishes, Enamels and Specialties

Author: The American Asbestos Products Company

Asbestos References:
This book provides information about Tenkote Liquid Asbestos Roofing.

There is also a page advertising Amaspro Asbestos Boiler Seal.

There is a page advertising products for Greenhouses, including the product Gutterkote, which is asbestos reinforced asphalt.

Also, Amaspro Bedding Compound is described as containing asbestos.

Tenkote Liquid Asbestos Roofing is recommended for schools and is also described as "The Winner" for Military, Industrial, and Agricultural. It states that the Big 3 (Army, Coast Guard, & Navy) demand and get Tenkote roof protection. In this book, there is a copy of purchase order from the War Department for Maxwell Field, and a copy of a 1943 receipt for Tenkote that shows that it was shipped to Camp Mackall, in N.C.

American Maintenance Manual

AMASPRO Products: Roof Coatings, Paints, Varnishes, Enamels and Specialties

The American Asbestos Products Company
Copyright: Appears to be 1940s

This is a very interesting sales catalog!

There are pictures showing how different products are used, including a picture of the Tenkote Roofing being applied.

Condition: Fair. Front cover is mostly loose and there is severe chipping with some missing pieces. Back cover is also partially separated from spiral binding and also has similar chipping. Name to front cover. Stamp to first page. There is one double page that has been torn into two pages, resulting in one loose page.

Binding: Spiralbound

Weight: 14oz

Dimensions: 9.00" x 11.25"

SKU: 565

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