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Title: American Electricians Handbook

Author: Terrell Croft, Clifford C. Carr, John H. Watt

Publication Date: 1970

Edition: 9th

Asbestos References:
Chapter on "Electrical Conducting Wires and Cables":
- One of the types of thermoplastic insulation is described as containing asbestos and is for switchboard wiring only.
- About four paragraphs on Asbestos, mentioning all-asbestos, felted-asbestos, and asbestos-varnished-cambric cable. Specific standard types are described.
- Asbestos braid made out of chrysotile is mentioned.
- Table on "Conductor Insulations," which is from the National Electrical Code, has 8 listings for asbestos.
- Table on "Flexible Cords," which is from the National Electrical Code, lists heater cord insulated with asbestos, rubber-jacketed heat resistant cord with impregnated asbestos for portable heaters in damp places, heat and moisture resistant cord containing asbestos.

Chapter on "Interior Wiring" has a table entitled, "Conductor Types and Applications" which lists Asbestos-covered heat-resistant fixture wire, Thermoplastic and asbestos switchboard wiring, Silicone-Asbestos for dry locations with special application, and four additional listings for asbestos.

American Electricians Handbook
A Reference Book for the Practical Electrical Man

by Terrell Croft, Clifford C. Carr, John H. Watt
Ninth Edition, Copyright 1970.

Large Hardcover, approx. 9" x 6.5" x 2.75" thick, weighs about 5 pounds

Condition: Acceptable. No dustjacket. Covers and spine have some wear. Ex-library book stamps and typical library marks. Occasional creases or marks to pages.

Binding: Hardcover

Weight: 4lb 14oz

Dimensions: 6.50" x 9.00"

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