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Title: Johns-Manville Documentation: Asbestos Roving, Yarn, and Listings

Publication Date: 1947

Asbestos References:
This sheet has information on J-M Asbestos Roving and Yarn, and J-M Asbestos Listings. It says, "The chief use of asbestos roving, other than for spinning yarn, is for the insulation of electric heater cords, where it produces a soft, bulky, flexible cord."

For Asbestos Yarn, the following uses are listed:
Manufacture of asbestos cloth
Sewing asbestos cloth
Braiding insulation for wire covering
Incandescent gas mantles
Core for electric resistance wires
Wrapping for electric resistance wires
Wire wiping in galvanizing plants
Spark plug packing
Packing for flexible metal hose or tubing
Packing for small spaces, as on blow torches
Fireproofing electrical cables
Asbestos Listings
Braided Tubing
Brake Linings

This listing is for 1 sheet (printed on both back & front, exactly as pictured) of documentation from Johns-Manville on their industrial asbestos products.

Condition: Good. Minor wear.

Pages: 2

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