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Title: Asbestospray Brochure

Author: Asbestospray Corporation

Asbestos References:
This brochure says that Asbestospray is particularly desirable for insulation of large-sized pipes, boilers, tanks and other apparatus. It can be applied directly to the surface of metal or asbestos cement board.

There is a paragraph about how "dust control" is added at the factory. Also, it says that "Fibre shall be FACTORY TREATED to render the application DUSTLESS." Please see the picture below for more information on this.

There is a table of thickness for various fire retardant ratings.

It can also be used for acoustical treatment of offices, meeting rooms, corridors, restaurants, machine rooms, department stores, and institutions. Pictures show that it can be used for acoustical ceiling.

Two pictures of where it was used for fireproofing are of a Bell Telephone Company building in Des Moines and a State Office Building in Baltimore.

Asbestospray Corporation, New Jersey
4 Page Brochure (also called a sales catalog)

Date: No copyright date, but this was removed from a 1961 bound collection.

Condition: Good.

Pages: 4

SKU: 658

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