Books and Catalogs about Asbestos Containing Car Parts

Asbestos parts were used in cars, trucks, and buses. Asbestos was a component of head gaskets, brakes, and clutches. Auto mechanics may have been exposed to asbestos dust during brake lining replacement and other repair work. These books provide evidence that asbestos parts were used through the 1970s.

Victor Gasket Guide

Victor Gasket Guide (1951)
Asbestos parts for cars, engines, trucks, tractors, etc. Asbestos gaskets, packing, oil seals, brake lining, Victopac, & Corbestos.

Diamond Plastics Advertisement

Diamond Plastics Advertisement (1970)
Diamond Shamrock Chemical Company. Asbestos filled product for automotive use and resin for vinyl-asbestos flooring.

Monoxivent Exhaust Eliminating Equipment Brochure

Monoxivent Exhaust Eliminating Equipment Brochure
Transite Pipe used for stack ducting.

Johns-Manville Products: 1940 Catalog

Johns-Manville Products: 1940 Catalog (1940)
Brake linings, clutch linings. Asbestos packing for water pumps.

Automotive Mechanics

Automotive Mechanics (1975)
Head gaskets contained asbestos.


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