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Title: Brake Linings: Volume 1: The Brake Library

Author: T. R. Stenberg

Publication Date: 1935

Edition: 1st

Asbestos References:
This book has a lot of info on the use of asbestos.

This is what the INDEX lists:
- blue
- carding
- crushing crude
- heat resisting
- natural
- paper yarn
- powdered
- in rubber compounds
- scoring tendency
- spinning
- synthetic
- twisting
- willowing
Asbestos fibers bonded to metal
Asbestos yarn
- yarn size

This book says that woven asbestos brake lining was introduced to the United States by Raybestos about 1905 or 1906. It also says that in 1918 a molded lining with short asbestos fibre was patented.

This book lists all of the kinds of asbestos but says that chrysotile asbestos is the only kind used in brake lining.

This book details the use of asbestos in brake linings and even has a section on "yarn construction and manufacture" which is about manufacturing asbestos yarn, including crushing it, carding it, and more.

Brake Linings
Volume 1: The Brake Library
by T. R. Stenberg
Paperback, 91 pages.
First Edition, 1935.

Brief History of Braking and Brake Lining
Woven Linings
Impregnating or Binder Materials
Rubber Compounds
Molded Fabric Linings
Molded or Bonded Fibre Linings
Friction Blocks
Testing of Brake Lining
Selection of Linings
Brake Lining Failures and Troubles

Condition: Acceptable. The table of contents page has tearing and creasing. Some pages have corner folds. Minor cover wear.

Pages: 91

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 12oz

Dimensions: 8.50" x 11.00"

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