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Title: Johns-Manville Products: 1940 Catalog

Author: Johns-Manville

Publication Date: 1940

Asbestos References:
It sounds like all of Johns-Manville brake linings were made from asbestos, as in the beginning of this book it says "Johns-Manville mines its own asbestos -- operates its own modern factories, controlling every step in the production of J-M Brake linings, from the time the crude asbestos rock is removed from the mine until the finished product reaches you, ready to be put into service on your customer's car or truck."

There is also specific mention of asbestos for the following products:

Johns-Manville Standard Woven brake linings, made of carefully selected Canadian asbestos fibres. Recommended for external brakes of passenger cars and light trucks. Some internal brakes of older design with flexible bands. Parking or transmission brakes, too.

Johns-Manville Woven Clutch Facings contained a woven asbestos yarn base. Recommended for practically all types of clutches in which little or no mechanical resilience is provided in the driven plate.

Mogul Twisted Packing, made of asbestos yarn. It is recommended as a universal packing for water pumps.

J-M Asbestos Wick No. 4202, for packing exhaust pipe coupling nuts.

Johns-Manville Products
1940 Catalog

"The oldest name in brake lining."

Catalog features Brake Linings, Clutch Facings, and Allied Products.

Paperback. 48 pages for the Johns-Manville catalog, plus there is a 104 page "1939 Automotive Data Book" included, and also a 23 page price list for Johns-Manville.

Additional Information:

There are descriptions and illustrations of many other kinds of brake linings.

The Johns-Manville catalog contains specifications for the brake sets and the following manufactures are listed: Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Ford, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and more.

Condition: Acceptable. Heavy cover wear. Tears to cover edges. Staining to top edges of some pages.

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 15oz

Dimensions: 8.50" x 10.75"

SKU: 555

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