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Title: Careystone Corrugated Asbestos-Cement Roofing & Siding Brochure

Author: Philip Carey Mfg Company

Publication Date: 1965

Asbestos References:
This brief catalog describes Industrial A-C Board as manufactured of the same durable materials as Careystone Corrugated Roofing and Siding, and those materials are asbestos fibre and Portland cement.
This catalog has descriptions, diagrams, specifications, and features listed.

Corrugated Asbestos-Cement Roofing & Siding
and Flat Industrial A-C Board
The Philip Carey Mfg Company
Catalog, 4 pages. (2 Sheets only, printed on front and back)
Circa 1965; Code dated 9-65-CL

Condition: Good. Minor wear.

Pages: 4

SKU: 706

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