Index to Companies

3M Company
A. C. Horn Company
A. Daigger & Co
A. O. Smith Corporation
A. P. Green Refractories
ACF Industries Incorporated
ALCOA Aluminum Company Of America
Abbe Engineering Company
Acme Asbestos Covering And Flooring Comp
Air Conditioning Utilities Co
AirOTherm Application Company
Airolite Company
Akron Metallic Gasket Co
Albany International Corp
Aldrich Pump
Allied Chemical
Alsop Engineering Corporation
American Asbestos Products Company
American Biltrite Rubber Co Inc
American Brass Company
American Chain & Cable Company
American Cyanamid Company
American Foundry & Furnace Company
American Gilsonite Company
American Hair & Felt Co
American Metal Climax Inc
American Metal Hose Company
American Smelting And Refining Company ASARCO
American Steel & Wire Company
American Telephone And Telegraph Company
American-Marietta Co
Ammerman Company
Amoco Chemicals
Anchor Packing Company
Armstrong Cork
Armstrong Machine Works
Armstrong World Industries Inc
Arthur H. Thomas Company
Asbestos Corporation Ltd
Asbestos Corporation Of America
Ashworth Bros. Inc
Atlantic Asbestos Corp
Atlantic Metal Hose Co Inc
Atlas Asbestos
B. F. Goodrich Co
Babcock & Wilcox
Bakelite Corp
Baldwin-Hill Company
Bancroft-Jones Corporation
Barclite Corporation Of America
Basic Incorporated
Belden Manufacturing Company
Bell & Gossett
Bell Asbestos Mines Ltd
Belmont Packing & Rubber Co
Benjamin Electric Mfg Co
Bestwall Gypsum Company
Bigelow-Liptak Corporation
Birdsboro Corporation
Black And Decker
Blaw-Knox Company
Braun Corporation
Bristol Aircraft
Brown & Sharpe
Buffalo Forge
Buffalo Pumps
Burnside Co Inc
C. A. Dunham Company
C. Robinson Mfg. Co
C. Stanley Morgan
CONTECH Construction Products Inc.
Cambridge Filter Corporation
Cape Asbestos Co Ltd
Cape Manufacturing Co Inc
Catalin Corporation Of America
Celite Products Company
Cerro Corporation
Champion Spark Plug Company
Charlotte Chemical Laboratories Inc
Chase & Sons Inc
Chase-Foster Inc
Chemetron Corporation
Cheney & Company
Chicago Metal Hose Corporation
Clayton Mark & Company
Clyde Iron Works
Coleman Company
Collyer Insulated Wire Co
Colonial Hand Split Shingles Inc.
Columbia Acoustics & Fireproofing Company
Combustion Engineering
Congoleum-Naim Inc
Connecticut Hard Rubber Co
Construction Specialties Inc.
Continental Copper And Steel Industries Inc
Continental Pipe Manufacturing
Continental-Diamond Fibre Corp
Cork Import Corporation
Corning Glass Works
Cottrell Paper Company
Crane Company
Crane Packing Company
D. B. Framton & Company
D. R. Sperry & Co
DONN Products
Dana Corp
De Laval Steam Turbine Company
De Soto Chemical Coatings Inc
DeWolf Furnace Corporation
Deming Company
Denny Paper And Board Company
Detroit Edison
Devoe & Raynolds Company
Diamond Alkali Co
Diamond Shamrock Chemical Company
Dodge Manufacturing Corporation
Donaldson Floors Inc
Dow Corning
Dresser Industries
Duraflex Corporation
Durant Insulated Pipe Company
Durez Plastics & Chemicals Inc
Duro Dyne Corporation
Durox Equipment Co
E. A. Thompson Co. Inc.
E. D. Goodfellow Co Inc
E. F. Hauserman Company
E. F. Houghton & Co
E. H. Sargent & Co
E. I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company
E. Van Noorden Company
E. W. Bliss Company
Eagle-Picher Lead Company
Eastern Products Corporation
Edge Moor
Edison Packing & Sales Co
Ehret Magnesia Manufacturing Co
Eimer And Amend
Elkhart Iron Works
Elof Hansson Inc
Essex Insulation & Wire Products
Eugene Ernst Products Co
Eureka Packing Company
Evans Product Company
Everlasting Valves
Excelsior Leather Washer Mfg Co
Exxon Corporation
F. L. Saino Manufacturing Co
Fairbanks Company
Fairbanks Morse And Company
Farrel-Birmingham Company Inc
Fiberite Corporation
Filon Plastics Corporation
Finestone Corporation
Fisher Controls
Fisher Scientific Company
Fitzgerald Manufacturing Co
Flame X Control Corp
Fletcher Works Inc
Flexitallic Gasket Company
Fluor Corporation Ltd
Food Machinery And Chemical Corporation (FMC Corporation)
Foremost-McKesson Inc
Forty-Eight Insulations Inc
Foster Wheeler
GAF Corporation
Garfield Mfg Co
Gatke Corporation
GenTex Corporation
General Bronze Corporation
General Controls
General Electric
General Kompolite Co
General Motors
General Plastics Corporation
General Refractories Company
Geo. S. Harwood & Son
Givaudan Corporation
Goetze Gasket And Packing Company Inc
Goodall Rubber Company Inc
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Goulds Pumps
Grant Wilson
Graybar Electric Company Inc
Greene, Tweed, & Co
Grizzly Manufacturing Company
H. H. Robertson Company
H.K. Porter
HB Fuller Company
Harbison-Walker Refractories
Haveg Corporation
Havens Cooling Towers
Henry Vogt Machine Company
Hercules Powder Company
Hill Brothers Chemical Company
Hillyard Chemical Company
Homasote Company
Hooker Chemical
Hoskins Manufacturing
Hupp Corporation
Imperial Damper Company Inc
Independent Blade Company
Inmanco Incorporated
Insul-Mastic Corporation Of America
Insulation Manufacturers Corporation
Irvington Varnish & Insulator Co
J. C. Whitlam Manufacturing Co
J. H. Day Company
J. J. Glenn And Company
Jaeger Machine Co
James Hardie & Coy. Pty. Ltd.
John A. Roebling's Sons Company
John C. Motter Printing Press Co
John Deere
Johnson Service Company
Kay Asbestos Company
Keasbey & Mattison
Keene Corporation
Kennedy Valve Mfg. Co
Kent-Moore Organization
Kentile Floors
Kewaunee Mfg Co.
Keystone Steel & Wire Company
Koppers Company
L. Sonneborn Sons Inc
Laboratory Furniture Co Inc
Landreth Industries Inc
Lasco Industries
Lewcott Chemicals & Plastics Corp
Lewis Engineering Company
Lilie-Hoffmann Cooling Towers
M. B. Skinner Co
MP Pumps
Macalaster Bicknell
Maid-O-Mist Inc
Marley Company
Marlo Co
Masonite Corporation
Mastic Tile Corporation Of America
Mau-Sherwood Supply Co
Maurice A. Knight
McCollum Hoist & Mfg Co
McCord Gasket
McGraw-Edison Company
McLeod & Henry Co
McMaster-Carr Supply Company
Mead Corporation
Mears-Kane-Ofeldt Inc.
Mercury Technical Cloth & Felt Corporat
Merkin Paints
Merrill Company
Mesa Plastics Company
Metallo Gasket Company
Milliken Brothers Mfg Co Inc
Mine & Smelter Supply Co
Mine Safety Appliances Company
Minwax Company Inc
Miracle Adhesives Corporation
Multi-Metal Wire Cloth Co
Mundet Cork
National Coatings Corporation
National Gypsum
National Lead Company
National Rollex Corporation
National Tile & Marble Corp
National Vulcanized Fibre
Natvar Corporation
Nelson Valve Company
New Brunswick Iron Works
New Jersey Wood Finishing Company
Northern Pump
Norton Abrasives
O C Keckley Company
Ohio Injector Company (OIC)
Otto Bernz
Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corp
PPG Industries Inc
Pacific Foundry Company Ltd
Pacific Valves
Page Water-Tube Boiler Company
Paramount Industries
Paul Maehler Company
Paul O. Abbe
Peglers Valves
Pennsylvania Flexible Metallic Tubing Co
Pennsylvania Wire Glass Company
Philip Carey Manufacturing Company
Phillips Cooling Tower Co. Inc
Phillips Petroleum
Phoenix Speciality Mfg Co Inc
Pilot Packing Co
Pittsburgh Corning Corporation
Powhatan Mining Company
Precision Paper Tube Company
Proctor & Schwartz Inc
Productive Equipment Corporation
Radix Wire Company
Rambusch Decorating Company
Reading Steel Casting Co Inc
Republic Filters
Rexall Chemical Co
Robert Bosch Tool Corporation
Roddis Plywood Corporation
Roehlen Engraving Works
Rogers Insulating And Roofing Co
Rust-Oleum Corporation
S. H. Pomeroy Company
S.O.S. Products Company
SCM Corporation
Sall Mountain Company
Samuel Cabot Inc
Sarco Company
Sargent Welch Company
Sea-Ro Packing Company
Seamlex Company
Security Fire Door Company
Sherwin Williams
Simpson Timber Company
Smith & Kanzler
Sonoco Products Company
Spaulding Fibre
Special Electric Company Inc
Sprayed Insulation Inc
Sprayo-Flake Co
Sprayon Insulation & Acoustics Inc
Spring Load Manufacturing Corporation
St. Louis Fire Door Company Inc
St. Regis Paper Company
Standard Oil
Standard Wire & Cable Co
Stansi Scientific
Stockham Valves & Fittings Company
Stone Industrial Corp
Stone Saw
Sun Chemical Corporation
Super Sky Products Co
Synco Resins, Inc
Synthane Corporation
Tate Engineering Inc
Taylor Fibre Co
Taylor Forge And Pipe Works
Thatcher Furnace Company
The Dow Chemical Company
The Glidden Company
The Independent Nail Corporation
The Majestic Co
The Patterson Foundry And Machine Co
The Purity Corporation
The Trane Company
The Yoder Company
Thermal Syndicate Ltd.
Thos. Moulding Floor Mfg Co
Tnemec Company
Toch Bros. Inc.
Trumbull Electric Mfg Co
Turner Brothers Asbestos Limited
Twin Disc Clutch Company
U. S. Plywood-Champion Papers Inc
U.S Machine Corporation
U.S. Electrical Motors Inc
U.S. Louver Corporation
U.S. Polymeric
Union Asbestos & Rubber Co (UNARCO)
Union Carbide And Carbon Corporation
United Cork Companies
United States Gasket Company
United States Gypsum
United States Mineral Wool Company
United States Rubber Company
United States Steel
United States Stoneware Company
Upson Company
Uvalde Rock Asphalt
Vaco Company
Victor Mfg & Gasket Co
Vitricon Inc
W. H. Maze Company
W. H. Nicholson & Company
W. R. Grace & Co
W. T. Henley Telegraph Works
W. W. Sly Manufacturing Co
Wabash Manufacturing Company
Walcon Corporation
Waldron & Company
Walker Manufacturing and Sales Corporation
Walker Packing Co
Walter Balfour & Co Inc
Walworth Company
Warren Webster & Company
Water Cooling Equipment Company
Weil Pump Co
Welch Scientific Company
Wellington Sears
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Wheeling Corrugating Company
Whiting Corporation
Wilkens-Anderson Co
Wm. Powell Company
Wood Conversion
World Bestos Corp
Worthington Pump
York Insulation Company
Youngstown Sheet And Tube Company
Zimmerman Packing Co
Zonolite Company

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