Welch Scientific Company

Welch Laboratory Apparatus Catalog

Welch Laboratory Apparatus Catalog (1963)
Features asbestos products used in schools and labs.

More Books Related to Welch Scientific Company

For your convenience, here are a list of books related to Welch Scientific Company. These books may not mention asbestos, but they may provide useful information about company history and product applications.

Sargent-Welch Catalog 128 (1979)
Features Asbestos Cement, Cloth, Gloves, Paper, Tapes, etc.

Sargent-Welch Catalog 128
Another listing for the same catalog. In addition to the asbestos products, this catalog features Instruments, Apparatus, Furniture, Vacuum Pumps, chemicals, and Supplies.

Welch Laboratory Apparatus Catalog (1965)
Featuring laboratory apparatus and supplies.

Sargent - Welch Scientific Catalog 119 (1971)
1970s catalog featuring Laboratory Instruments & Supplies.


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