E. I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company

High-Temperature Plastics

High-Temperature Plastics (1962)
Raybestos-Manhattan asbestos reinforced molding compounds: Phenolic, Silicone, Epoxy. Du Ponts Teflon. Continental Diamond Fibre Corps asbestos laminate.

Plastics in Building

Plastics in Building (1966)
Asbestos filler used in Thermosetting Plastics and Phenolics or Phenol-formaldehyde resins. Vinyl Asbestos Tile and more uses.

Du Pont Teflon Ad<p>ertisement

Du Pont Teflon Ad

Circa 1968. Teflon asbestos composite insulation for wires or cables.

Ruberoid Built-up Roofing Catalog

Ruberoid Built-up Roofing Catalog (1965)
Asbestos felt used for their roofing systems. Also asbestos used with Dupont's Tedlar for roofing.


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