3M Company

Prehler Electrical Insulation Company Ad<p>ertisement

Prehler Electrical Insulation Company Ad

ertisement (1967)
3M Company subsidiary was a distributor for American Asbestos Textile Corp.

More Books Related to 3M Company

For your convenience, here are a list of books related to 3M Company. These books may not mention asbestos, but they may provide useful information about company history and product applications.

3M Guide to Electrical Installation & Repair (1980)
This is a consumer guide to home repair that was written by by Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (3M).

The Home Pro Guide to Roof & Gutter Installation and Repair (1976)
This is a 1970s book on roofing, issued by 3M.

A Century of Innovation: The 3M Story (2003)
A history of 3M.

Our story so far: Notes from the first 75 years of 3M Company (1977)
An illustrated history of Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co.


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