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Title: Crane Engineering Data Catalog

Author: Crane Co

Publication Date: 1976

Asbestos References:
According to this 1970s catalog, asbestos was a common material for valve packing and gaskets. Here are specific references:

The page on valve packing has a paragraph about "Endless Molded Ring Packing" which says: "Basic ingredients are asbestos impregnated with 30 to 35% TFE (tetrafluoro-ethylene) for use up to 366 F or an asbestos-graphite mixture for use up to 550 F."

Injection Type Packing is also described as containing asbestos. It says: "The center core and injection pellets consist of an homogenous mixture of asbestos fibre, TFE, and other ingredients..."

The section on "Diagonally Cut Die-Formed Ring Packing" has further description of asbestos contained packing materials.

The page on valve gaskets has an illustration of a flat asbestos gasket.

The valve gaskets page mentions asbestos as one of the fillers for spiral-wound gaskets.

Sections include:
Flow of Fluids through Valves, Fittings and Pipe
Conversion and Equivalents

The section on valves has two pages about "Identification of Crane Products."

Condition: Good. Covers have wear. Occasional marks to pages.

Pages: 72

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 9oz

Dimensions: 8.50" x 11.00"

SKU: 1273

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