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Title: Electrical Insulation: Its Application to Shipboard Electrical Equipment

Author: Graham Lee Moses

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Publication Date: 1951

Asbestos References:
This book is far more technical than most Navy manuals that I've seen. It contains extensive information about asbestos use.

Here's some of what this book says:

- Chrysotile & Amphibole asbestos are described. Physical & Chemical properties, and uses of each type of asbestos are described.
- Differences between Chrysotile asbestos from Canada, Africa, and that from Arizona are described.
- ".... Two varieties of this asbestos paper are available under the trade names Terratex and Quinterra. This insulation is primarily useful for wire covering and as insulation between turns or strands where low-voltage gradients exist."

Asbestos Insulation Products
- Section discusses Asbestos fabrics, Asbestos paper, Asbestos cloth, Asbestos-fabric tape, Asbestos twine, and Asbestos Millboard.
- Applications of Asbestos paper are described.
- The type of Asbestos fabric tapes that are available are described, including information on the percentage of cotton in them.

Cloth Insulation
- There is a section entitled "Insulation, Electrical, Asbestos Fiber, Untreated, MIL-I-3053, Insulation Class C" which has information on classes, types, forms, and grades of asbestos.
- There are also other sections on Treated Asbestos Cloth and Untreated Asbestos Sleeving.

Magnet Wire and Insulation
-Table entitled, "Industry Standard Abbreviations - Magnet-Wire Symbols" Lists Asbestos Covered, Single Asbestos , and Single Asbestos Varnish.


The following tables list Asbestos insulation in them:
Fig. 3-1 General Application of Insulation to D-C Motor Armatures with Random Windings
Fig 3-2 General Application of Insulation to A-C Induction Motor Stators with Random Windings
Fig 3-3 General Application of Insulation to D-C Motor and Generator Armatures with Formed Preinsulated Coils
Fig. 3-4 General Application of Insulation to A-C Motor and Generator Armatures with Formed Preinsulated Coils


Appendix 1: Electrical Insulating Materials - Description and Stock List
"This appendix lists available Navy insulating materials and gives general identifying information."
This appendix includes information on Asbestos Fabric (Untreated), Asbestos Tape (Untreated), Asbestos Braided Sleeving (Untreated).

Appendix II: Electrical Insulating Materials - Properties and Test Information
Asbestos Fabric Cloth, Untreated
Asbestos Tape, Untreated
Asbestos Braided Sleeving, Untreated

Electrical Insulation: Its Application to Shipboard Electrical Equipment
by Graham Lee Moses, Manager, Insulation Development Section, Westinghouse Electric Corporation

This particular book was printed for U.S. Navy use. It has a notice on the inside front cover that says "This book is property of the United States Government" and a NavShips number is assigned to this book for Naval reference. It says that additional copies of this book could be obtained from the District Publication and Printing Office.

Preface states, "This manual necessarily includes much information supplied by the U.S. Navy as well as by many industrial organizations and individuals."

There is a list of contributors, including, Allis-Chalmers, Anaconda Wire and Cable Company, Bentley Harris Manufacturing Company, Continental-Diamond Fibre Company, Cutler-Hammer Inc, Crocker-Wheeler Electric, Dow Corning, Electric Machinery Manufacturing Company, Electroc Dynamic Works of the ELectric Boat Co, Elliott Company, Fairbanks Morse & Company, General Electric Company, Irvington Varnish & Insulator Company, Leese-Neville Company, Mica Insulator Company, Mitchell-Rand Companies, National Electric Coil Company, National Vulcanized Fibre Corporation, Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corp, The Acme Wire Company, The Formica Insulation Company, The National Varnished Products Corp, The Okonite Company, The Reliance Electric & Engineering Company, Trumbull Electric Manufacturing Company, U.S. Navy Department, Bureau of Ships, Varflex Corp, Wagner Electric Corporation, Westinghouse Electric Corp.

Condition: Good. No dustjacket. Pages mostly clean and unmarked. Binding excellent.

Pages: 259

Binding: Hardcover

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