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Title: Johns-Manville Documentation on Asbestos Ebony Moulded and Electrobestos

Publication Date: 1945

Asbestos References:
Electrobestos is described as containing asbestos fibre and high temperature clays. Uses described are: Sheets, Muffle Furnace Trays, Panels, Arc Deflectors, Heating Appliances, Soldering Cups, Furnace Bushings, and Stove Pipe Insulators. Electrobestos-X is also described.

This document says that Asbestos Ebony Moulded is primarily an electrical insulation.

This document is 1 sheet, printed on back and front. It is dated July, 1945.

Condition: Good. Hole-punched for use in a binder.

Pages: 2

SKU: 994

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