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Title: Electronic Packaging with Resins

Author: Charles A. Harper, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Baltimore, Maryland

Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill Book Company

Publication Date: 1961

Asbestos References:
Table of Suppliers, costs, and application effects for some commonly used fillers. Asbestos is listed as being used to increase thermal-shock resistance, increase impact resistance, and used to decrease cracking and settling. The suppliers listed for Asbestos are: Hill Bros. Chemical Co., 2150 Bay St, Los Angeles, California [Hill Brothers Chemical Company], Philip Carey Mfg. Co. (Cincinnati Ohio); Powhatan Mining Company (Baltimore Maryland).

A Practical Guide for Materials and Manufacturing Techniques
by Charles A. Harper, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Baltimore, Maryland

Published by Mcgraw-Hill Book Company, 1961
Hardcover, 339 pages.

This book contains a wealth of information about embedment packaging processes, polyesters, epoxy resins, flexibilized epoxy resin systems, silicones, urethanes, polysulfides, fillers, colorants, modifiers, foams and low density compounds, thermally and electrically conductive compounds,effects of extreme environments on embedded electronic packages, embedded packaging for high temperatures, processing equipment, and more.. (full table of contents pictured above).

Condition: Good. No dustjacket. Ex-library with stickers, stamps, card pocket remains, & typical marks. Covers and edges have some wear. Otherwise, pages are in very good, clean condition.

Pages: 339

Binding: Hardcover

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Dimensions: 6.25" x 9.25"

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