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Title: Federal Pipe & Supply Co Industrial Supplies Catalog D

Author: Federal Pipe & Supply Co

Publication Date: 1958

Asbestos References:
- No. 150 Garlock High Pressure Spiral Packing
- Style No. 117 Garlock Beaver Packing
- No. 900 Garlock Compressed Asbestos Fibre Sheet Packing
- No. 234 Garlock Rotary Pump Packing
- Asbestos is listed as one of the materials that can be cut with Simonds Abrasive Cutoff Wheels. The wheel number is listed for portable electric saws and for production machines.
- Asbestos is also listed as one of the materials that can be cut with Simonds Abrasive Double XX Cutoff Wheels. The Wheel Marking number for asbestos is listed.

Federal Pipe & Supply Co
Fresno, California
Industrial Supplies Catalog
Catalog D, Copyright 1958.
Hardcover, 194 pages.

Steel Products
Pipe - Valves & Fittings
Shop and Mill Supplies
Heavy Hardware
Hose - Packings
Tools - Machine and Hand

Condition: Acceptable. Back cover is creased. Some spots and stains to pages. Occasional marks to pages.

Pages: 194

Binding: Hardcover

Weight: 2lb

Dimensions: 7.75" x 11.00"

SKU: 444

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