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Title: Fibre-Reinforced Materials Technology

Author: N. J. Parratt

Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold Company

Publication Date: 1972

Asbestos References:
This is a technical book aimed at engineers that contains information about the widespread use of asbestos, as well as information about it being a known health hazard.

One quote that particularly stands out is:
- "Both asbestos and glass serve to cheapen the more expensive polymers such as nylon, although this is partly offset by incorporation costs. There are many cheaper fillers than glass but the cheapest grades of asbestos should reduce the cost of any polymer, done on a sufficient scale, e.g. asbestos-reinforced polypropylene."

Summary of Asbestos Information:

- Description of Asbestos Fibers
- Information about how the breathing of asbestos fibers is a health hazard.
- Full text of this health information is pictured below, but one of the things it says is to avoid crocidolite, and it mentions new opening procedures, wet handling methods, and keeping a clean atmosphere.
- Description of Chrysotile Asbestos
- Description of Amphiboles
- Description of the industrial extrusion process of chrysotile asbestos.
- Asbestos-Reinforced Plastics
- "Asbestos laminates have a number of specialized uses which cannot readily be met by fibreglass, but in addition various attempts have been made to utilize the greater stiffness inherent in asbestos fibres."
- Information about Durestos RAI, a chrysotile felt containing phenolic resin.
- "In general, asbestos laminates excel in uses combining heat and abrasion resistance with mechanical strength and are used in such diverse fields as brake linings, heavy bearings, and heat shields in engines and rocket exhausts."
- Asbestos use in reinforced thermoplastics

Fibre-Reinforced Materials Technology

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