Books about Asbestos Products used by Firefighters

Supervisors Safety Manual

Supervisors Safety Manual (1980)
Occupational diseases caused by asbestos dust. Uses of asbestos, including the use of asbestos blankets and curtains for protection during welding operations.

Fireman: Navy Training Manual

Fireman: Navy Training Manual (1963)
Asbestos gaskets, asbestos packing, asbestos suits, asbestos gloves.

Vaco Company Advertisement

Vaco Company Advertisement (1944)
Asbestos suit for firefighting.

Fireman: Navy Training Courses

Fireman: Navy Training Courses (1951)
This 1950s Navy publication has information about asbestos gaskets, asbestos packing, and an asbestos suit used in firefighting.

Damage Controlman 3 & 2: Navy Training Course

Damage Controlman 3 & 2: Navy Training Course (1964)
Vinyl Asbestos Tile for decks, asbestos used in plastics, asbestos firefighting suit.

The Bluejackets' Manual

The Bluejackets' Manual (1968)
Specific information about the asbestos suit and the proximity fire-fighting suit


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