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Title: Johns-Manville Documentation: Asbestos Flexboard

Publication Date: 1952

Asbestos References:
This document says that Asbestos Flexboard is made of asbestos and cement. This document has a table listing suggestive uses for Standard Flexboard. Uses listed include lining walls and ceilings of garages, furnace rooms, laundries, grain storage buildings, laboratories, kitchens, bathrooms, houses, theatre lobbies, cafeterias, offices, factories, barracks, Military and Naval Structures, and school rooms. The table also lists it for the construction of counter tops, tool sheds, laundry chutes, prefabricated houses, and more.

This document says that "The material can be worked with ordinary hand saws, stationary or portable power saws, and is easily 'scored' and 'snapped' by hand. A special, labor-saving shearing jig is also available." It recommends cement and nails or other fasteners. It can also be painted. This document does not include any health related warning on the hazardous asbestos dust.

This document is 1 sheet, printed on both back and front. It is dated March, 1952.

Condition: Good. Minor wear. As pictured. Hole-punched for use in a binder.

Pages: 2

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