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Title: Furnace Expansion Joints Documentation

Author: Johns-Manville

Publication Date: 1935

Asbestos References:
It says, "All expansion joints in the boiler setting proper or between parts of the boiler and the setting are packed with either J-M No. 4200 Asbestos Rope or J-M Asbestos Jelly-Rolls." Detail drawings show the use of these asbestos products.

Original, vintage documentation describes and shows the use of packing in expansion joints. The following manufacturers are listed:

Water-tube Boilers: Stirling, Heine, Carey Hedges, Connelly, Badenhausen, Kidwell, Ladd, Erie City, B & W, Springfield, Edge Moor, Walsh and Weidner

Condition: Good, clean condition.

Pages: 2

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