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Title: Garlock Packings, Gaskets, Klozure Oil Seals Catalog

Author: Garlock Packing Company

Asbestos References:
Garlock 900 Compressed Asbestos High Pressure Steam Sheet
Garlock 7021 Asbestos Sheet for Hot Oils and Steam
Garlock Folded Asbestos Gaskets for handholes and manholes of boilers, and for other high pressure steam service

There is also a general statement that asbestos is one of the materials that Garlock Packings are made out of.

Garlock Packings, Gaskets, Klozure Oil Seals
The Garlock Packing Company, Palmyra, New York
4 Page Brochure (also called a sales catalog)

Condition: Good. Light tan foxing or slight staining.

Pages: 4

SKU: 644

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