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Title: Garlock Packings Catalog B

Publisher: The Garlock Packing Company

Publication Date: 1932

Asbestos References:
Many of the Garlock products were made out of asbestos. There were also products made out of rubber, fabric, and other materials.

Each product has an item number, a description of the construction, service it is recommended for, and form.

Some of the types of products that are described as containing asbestos include:
Plastallic Packing (plastic packing that contained asbestos)
High Pressure Packing
Palmyra Packing
Pump Packing
Metalmarine Packing
Alabestine Packing
Locomotive Packing
Industrial Brake Lining
Asbestos Tape
Asbestos Gaskets
Asbestos Sheet Packing

Garlock Packings Catalog
The Garlock Packing Company

General Offices and Factories: Palmyra, New York
In Canada: The Garlock Packing Company of Canada, Ltd., Montreal, Quebec
Canadian Factory: Hamilton, Ontario

Hardcover, 157 pages.

Copyright 1932, Catalog B

LOTS of product information! Large illustrations, tables that recommend the use of Garlock packings for many different applications, descriptions of what each packing is made out of, and much more.

Condition: Acceptable. Several pages have marks. Some marks and wear to covers. Partially removed sticker to inside front cover. Stamp to inside back cover. Foxing and soiling to book edges.

Pages: 157

Binding: Hardcover

Weight: 1lb 14oz

Dimensions: 8.50" x 11.00"

SKU: 533

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