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Title: Modern Refractory Practice

Author: Harbison-Walker Refractories Company

Publication Date: 1961

Edition: 4th

Asbestos References:
- From chapter on Industrial Refractories: "The most common other furnace insulating materials are asbestos, calcined diatomaceous earth, and mineral wool. They are supplied in bulk, as cements, and in block form."
- H-W Mineral Fiber Coating is described as containing asbestos fiber. It says that once it is mixed with water, it can be applied readily to any clean surface, hot or cold, rough or smooth, metallic or refractory, vertical or overhead. It is usable up to 1800 F and if temperatures don't exceed 1200 F, this material can be removed, mixed with water, and used again.
- In a section on "Roasters-Multiple-Hearth" it says that "H-W Block Insulation and H-W Mineral Fiber Coating can be used for exterior insulation when desirable for the avoidance of acid condensation and corrosion of the steel shell."
- H-W Lightweight Castable 20 is described as containing asbestos fiber. It says that it is an important castable in the field of monolithic insulation. In a later chapter, its use is mentioned in Heating Furnaces.

This comprehensive book covers Harbison-Walker products and additional information, such as applications.

Condition: Acceptable. Spine has a 1/2" tear and fraying at edges. Covers have some wear. Underlining to a couple of pages. There are a few errata sheets that were taped in with tape that has yellowed and stained the pages.

Pages: 607

Binding: Hardcover

Weight: 4lb 12oz

Dimensions: 7.75" x 11.00"

SKU: 577

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