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Title: Health in Industry

Author: Donald Hunter

Publisher: Pelican Medical Series, Penguin Books

Publication Date: 1959

Asbestos References:
This book contains information on the hazard of asbestos dust. In the section Prescribed Diseases Regulations, 1948, it says: "Pneumoconiosis. Fibrosis of the lungs due to silica dust, asbestos dust, or other dust, and including the condition of the lungs known as dust-reticulation." It has a list of occupations including ones working with asbestos and asbestos textiles.

There is also o

er a page of information on Asbestosis. It includes a paragraph on pre


e treatment which mentions

entilation, using a portable

acuum cleaner, and the use of perspex.

There is a picture of an asbestos carding machine before "modern type of exhaust

entilation" and asbestos dust is


There is also a section on "Pre

ention of Silicosis." It discusses the four basic principles of pre

ention: 1) Replacement of the harmful material by a less toxic one 2) dust suppression or control 3) Personal protection of the worker 4) Medical examination. It discusses general

entilation and local exhaust

entilation. It also says, "If the dusty process can be isolated from other parts of the factory, the number of people exposed to the risk can be reduced."

The use of a dust respirator is described and it says, "Dust respirators are most suitable for temporary use where there are short periods of exposure to dust, for example when asbestos dust collectors are being cleaned out."

There is also a paragraph that discusses how indi


ary greatly in their capacity to deal with dusts and it says, "It is known, howe

er, that pre

ious damage to the lungs is a factor which leads to the retention of dust in them."

Diseases and accidents to which workers in industry are liable, and how they may be treated or pre


Copyright 1959, printed in Great Britain. Also published in the USA and Australia.

Condition: Good. Pages are tan from age. A few folded page corners. Discoloring to first page. Minor wear to co

ers and spine.

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