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Title: Industrial Medicine

Author: W. Irving Clark and Philip Drinker

Publisher: National Medical Book Company, New York

Publication Date: 1935

Edition: 1st

Asbestos References:
This is a very early book that provides information on the health effects of asbestos dust.

Topics covered in this book include:
- Symptoms and Physical Signs of Asbestosis
- Photo of a lung x-ray showing Asbestosis
- Pathology of Asbestosis
- Diagnosis of Silicosis and Asbestosis
- Treatment of Silicosis and Asbestosis
- Asbestos Dust Concentration

Two quotes from this book:

"Sufficient exposure to dust of asbestos in any stage of its processing may cause asbestosis."

"Early removal of the affected worker from the inciting cause of his disease is imperative."

Industrial Medicine
by W. Irving Clark and Philip Drinker
Copyright 1935
First Edition
National Medical Book Company, New York
Printed for the Encyclopedia Corporation of America

Condition: Overall good to very good. Covers and edges have a few stains. Front endpaper has a couple marks, otherwise pages are in very good condition. No dustjacket.

Pages: 262

Binding: Hardcover

Weight: 1lb 1oz

Dimensions: 5.25" x 7.50"

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