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Title: Cameron Pump Operators' Data

Author: Ingersoll-Rand Company

Publication Date: 1943

Edition: 1st

Asbestos References:
ASBESTOS packing is described, as pictured. Asbestos was one of the types of packing available for cold water to 220 degrees, and Reinforced Asbestos was the packing recommended for Water, over 220 degrees F.

In a section entitled "Stuffing Boxes and Packing" asbestos parting-flange gaskets are also mentioned.

First Edition, 2nd Printing
Published by Ingersoll-Rang Company, Cameron Pump Division
A Handy Reference Covering the Installation, Operation, and Maintenance of Centrifugal Pumps

Condition: Acceptable. Unfortunately this book has a publisher's error. Pages 11-14 are missing. These are in the chapter on Installation. I checked all other pages and everything else is complete. This book is being listed at a reduced price because of this problem. Otherwise, the book is in generally good condition. Owner's name to first page.

Pages: 190

Binding: Hardcover

Weight: 8oz

Dimensions: 4.75" x 7.50"

SKU: 1077

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