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Title: Inhaled Dust and Disease

Author: Paul F. Holt

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Publication Date: 1987

Asbestos References:
A large portion of this book deals with asbestos. The asbestos specific chapters are:

Asbestos-related diseases: asbestosis and lung cancer
Asbestos-related diseases: mesothelioma and other diseases
Asbestos-related diseases: cancers at sites other than lung and pleura
Asbestos hazard: mineral types and hazardous occupations
Asbestos-related diseases: neighborhood and domestic hazard
Asbestos-related diseases: experimental research

Inhaled Dust and Disease
by Paul F. Holt

In addition to asbestos caused disease, this book also discusses silicosis and byssinosis.

It also analyzes possible health effects from the following: mineral wool; glass fibre; rock and slag mineral wool; ceramic fibre; ceramic fibre; talc; Kaolin: China Clay; mica; slate; shale; sillimanite; vermiculite; calcium silicate; metals including beryllium, cobalt, vanadium, titanium, manganese, cadmium, and others; cotton and flax; wood dust; synthetic polymers; coal: industrial carbon: arsenic; and more.

Condition: Very good. Minor cover wear. Pages clean and unmarked.

Pages: 325

Binding: Hardcover

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