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Title: J-M Industrial Flooring Documentation

Author: Johns-Manville

Publication Date: 1951

Asbestos References:
The diagram "Construction details of J-M Standard Industrial Flooring with waterproofing membrane" shows the use of asbestos paper and J-M asbestos waterproofing felt. It also says, "Note: When applied over wood lay first one layer of 6 lb asbestos paper hot mopped."

4 Pages on J-M Industrial Flooring (Hot Mastic)
Uses of Industrial Flooring Described - some uses listed are industrial plants, factories, warehouses, public buildings, school houses, gymnasiums, and more
Information on: J-M Industrial Flooring Blocks, J-M Asphalt Fluxes, Application

Condition: Acceptable. One page has a crease.

Pages: 4

SKU: 1240

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