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Title: Keymesh Catalog - Keystone Steel & Wire Company

Author: Keystone Steel & Wire Company

Asbestos References:
The last page has instructions on "How to Apply Keymesh Reinforcement for Insulation" and the instructions for both hot and cold installations mention the use of asbestos cement.

For hot installations, it says: "The Keymesh is used over blocks and covered with an asbestos cement coating. For exposed exterior use, an asphalt emulsion may be used."

For cold installations, it says: "On such installations, Keymesh is wrapped around pipe, ducts, or other areas and KeyZbead is tied on the corners. Then an asbestos cement finish coat is applied."

Keymesh: Proven Reinforcement for Insulation Coverings
Keystone Steel & Wire Company, Peoria, IL
4 page catalog (2 sheets only, printed on front & back)
Circa 1965; Not dated.

Pictures show Keymesh installations at Commonwealth Edison, Crawford Avenue Plant, Chicago; and Administrative and Research Center of International Minerals and Chemical Corporation, Skokie, IL.

Condition: Good. Some edge wear.

Pages: 4

SKU: 832

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