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Title: Laminated Plastics

Author: D. J. Duffin

Publication Date: 1966

Edition: 2nd

Asbestos References:
This book includes a section reprinted from
"NEMA Standards Publication for Industrial Laminated Thermosetting Products"
(NEMA is National Electrical Manufacturers Association) which has several paragraphs on Asbestos-base Grades. For both Grade A Asbestos Paper Base and Grade AA Asbestos Fabric Base it gives recommendations on when it should be used as primary insulation.

This book contains a warning about taking safety precautions such as having a good exhaust system when working with asbestos grade plastics.

Table entitled, "Properties of Asbestos Fibers"
- Describes Asbestos Felts and Mats that were used as a base material or reinforcement in laminated plastics
- Mentions Asbestos Paper, such as Raybestos-Manhatten's "Novabestos"
- Asbestos used in Grade A, Grade AA, and Grade AAAA laminates

Table: Equivalent Military and NEMA Grades of Laminates
Laminates Chart lists Physical, Thermal, Electrical, & Chemical Properties for Asbestos Paper or Fabric Base

Characteristics and Suggested Applications of Laminated Plastics (Lists characteristics for Grade A & Grade AA), Suggested applications for AA include rotor vanes, water-pump thrust washers, armature slot wedges, caustic-resistance applications, various types of electric appliance insulation

Table: Properties and Characteristics of Laminated Plastic Molded Tubing (Includes Asbestos paper & Asbestos fabric filler)

Table: Properties and Characteristics of Laminated Plastic Rolled Tubing (Includes Asbestos paper filler)

Table: Suggested Applications of Laminated Plastics Based on Properties and NEMA Grade Classification ( info about Asbestos Paper & Asbestos Fabric sheets listed)

Appendix B: Trade Marks Current in the Laminated Plastics Industry,
lists a trade name and manufacturer that used Asbestos

There is also a long Table that lists applications of laminated plastics and vulcanized fibre classified by industries... This table is 13.5 pages long and although it does not specifically mention which places asbestos-based laminates were used, it does seem like it would be a good starting point.. Some the industries and some of the products listed certainly did contain asbestos. Industries listed include automotive, electrical, farm equipment, aircraft, plumbing, etc.

The editor acknowledges the following companies in the prefaces:
(in some cases individuals from these companies are named)
NVF (National Vulcanized Fibre) Company
Synthane Corporation
Spaulding Fibre Company
Panelyte Industrial Division
Thiokol Chemical Corporation
Formica Corporation
Continental-Diamond Fibre Corporation
Lunn Laminates Inc
Taylor Fibre Company

Also Modern Plastics Magazine and Modern Plastics Encyclopedia are mentioned as resources.

This book has A LOT of information about how ASBESTOS was used in plastics!

Condition: Acceptable. Ex-library book with stamps, card pocket, and typical marks. Dustjacket is in a plastic sleeve and has some wear. Occasional marks to pages.

Pages: 249

Binding: Hardcover

Weight: 1lb 6oz

Dimensions: 6.25" x 9.50"

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