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Title: Lunkenheimer Valves Catalog No. 60

Author: The Lunkenheimer Company

Publication Date: 1960

Asbestos References:
Asbestos Gaskets and Asbestos Packing are listed for some of the valves listed in this book. A few specifics:

African blue asbestos packing, mica impregnated, is listed for the "King-Clip" Iron Body Gate Valves, and 3% Nickel Iron Gate Valves (both valves are in the corrosion resistant industrial valves section)

African blue asbestos mica impregnated packing for "SA" Globe and Gate Valves for Sulphuric Acid Service

"Graphited asbestos packing" is described as being used with Breech Lock Cast Steel Wedge Gate Valves, Cast Steel Globe and Angle Valves

"High Temperature graphited asbestos packing is used" for Cast Steel Wedge Gate Valves

This book also has pictures of the factory, information about identifying Lunkenheimer parts, an alphabetical index, figure number index, and a guide for selecting valves, boiler mountings, and lubricating devices.

There is a section on Marine Use. This section has a picture of the SS M. L. Gosney tanker which was equipped with Lunkenheimer Marine Valves.

Condition: Good. Covers have some stains and wear. A few marks and spots to pages.

Pages: 423

Binding: Hardcover

Weight: 3lb 5oz

Dimensions: 7.50" x 11.00"

SKU: 365

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