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Title: Marine and Naval Boilers

Author: Lieut Commander Frank Lyon, U.S. Navy and Lieut Commander A. W. Hinds, U.S. Navy

Publisher: The United States Naval Institute

Publication Date: 1918

Asbestos References:
Chapter II, Fire-Tube Boilers, Section: Tube Stopper
"Between these washers, rings of rubber or of any of the softer gasket materials are placed, one or two rings of asbestos finishing the fire end of the stopper. The length of this packing is about 1". The asbestos rings at the combustion-chamber end preserve the rest of the packing from too rapid deterioration."

Chapter II, Fire-Tube Boilers, Section: Manhole Gaskets and Joints
"A gasket of some yielding substance like rubber, asbestos card-board or fiber sheet, is then laid around the lip of the manhole plate..."

Chapter III, Water-Tube Boilers
"It is the practice to cover nipples, on which the flame impinges, with an asbestos pulp."

Chapter III, Water-Tube Boilers
"The boiler is enclosed by fire brick, asbestos millboard, and galvanized steel plate casing, carried by a substantial frame made of steel channels and angles tied together by gusset plates."

Chapter III, Water-Tube Boilers, Section: The Thornycroft Boiler
It says that, "This boiler is fitted in the Ammen, Burrows, McCall, Monaghan, Roe and Terry."
"The boiler casing is constructed of galvanized steel plates and angles, lagged on the inside with asbestos and magnesia."

Asbestos is also described as a component in the boiler casing for the Yarrow Boiler. It says that the Yarrow boiler is used extensively in the British Navy.

Chapter IV, Boiler Fittings
Section about Drain Cocks
"They are usually asbestos-packed cocks or ordinary heavy plug cocks worked by means of a socket wrench."

Chapter about Draft, Natural and Forced
In the Forced Draft section there is a diagram and it says "The door O is made air-tight by an asbestos gasket secured around its edges..."

There are also a few other pages that mention asbestos.

Revised by Lieutenants W. P. Beehler and John S. Barleon, U.S. Navy

Corrected and reprinted, July 1918

Condition: Unfortunately, this book is in worn and marked condition. There are markings, mostly in pencil, to the text, including notations. There are some holes in the front cover that also effect some pages. However, text is still readable. There is some foxing. Binding hinges are broken. Writing/scribbling to front and back endpapers. There may be tears to some of the fold-out diagrams.

Pages: 401

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Dimensions: 6.25" x 9.50"

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