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Title: Phillips Cooling Tower Co & Marley Company Advertisements

Asbestos References:
This is 2 ADVERTISEMENTS. One on each side of the sheet! Both mention ASBESTOS.

Phillips Cooling Tower Co. Inc, Brooklyn, NY
- picture of type WT tower with description that says "with cement asbestos casing and louvers."
- Counterflow Type Towers description says: "Partitions, louvers, and siding of cement asbestos board are standard on this type of tower."
- Series DA towers are also described as having asbestos board casing.

The Marley Company, Missouri
- Marley Double-Flow Aquatower description says: "Available in wood or steel structure with asbestos cement board casing..."
- Marley Underflow Aquatower description says casing and basin covers were asbestos cement board.
- Marley Counter-Flow Series - says: "The all-steel model (with corrugated asbestos cement board casing)"

1 Sheet (printed on both front and back) Advertisement/Catalog Description

Date: Not dated, but removed from a 1959 publication.

Condition: Good. Carefully removed from a publication.

Pages: 2

SKU: 910

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