Line Material Industries Catalog For Permaline Fibre Pipe (1966)

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Title: Line Material Industries Catalog For Permaline Fibre Pipe

Author: McGraw-Edison Company

Publication Date: 1966

Asbestos References:
Asbestos is not mentioned, but "transite" is. Here's the exact quote:

"Use 4" Calder A.C. coupling with 4" transite Bead-end bushing to adapt to square cut end Fibre pipe and 4" Transite Bald-end bushing to adapt to beadless castiron spigot."

Catalog from Line Material Industries
McGraw-Edison Company
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This catalog describes permaline fibre pipe, a bituminized fibre drain and sewer pipe. Couplings, fittings, and adapters are also pictured and described.

Condition: Acceptable. Small tears to edges and wear.

Pages: 4

SKU: 1101

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