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Title: Johns-Manville Documentation: J-M Sealing Compounds

Publication Date: 1953

Asbestos References:
Navaseal (For Marine Use) is described. It says, "Navaseal is a black, odorless, asbestos-base sealing compound of stiff putty consistency developed for the sealing aboard ships of electrical duct services and other irregular apertures to prevent passage of moisture, fumes, vermin, or foreign matter." It meets military specification MIL-I-3064 Grade H. It says that it will not harm workmen's hands.

Johns-Manville Documentation
J-M Sealing Compounds

This document is 1 sheet, printed on front and back. It is dated April 1953.

Other products described (although not as containing asbestos) include: Uniseal, Duxseal, Paxseal, Tranolseal, Nodrseal

Condition: Good. Hole-punched for use in a binder.

Pages: 2

SKU: 1004

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