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Title: Norton Grinding Wheels Recommendations

Author: Norton Abrasives

Asbestos References:
There is a 7 page list entitled "Norton Grinding Wheel Recommendations"

Asbestos is listed as one of the materials and the abrasive, grain size, grade, structure, abrasive trade mark, bond, and bonding process are all specified.

The following materials and operations are listed:

Cutting off

Brake Lining (Woven)
Surfacing (Discs)

Brake Lining (Molded)
Surfacing (Discs)
Cutting-Off (Dry)

Brake Drums (Automotive)

Brake Shoes (Railroad)
Chilled Iron
Floor Stands 5000-6500
9000-9500 SFPM

Transite Board
Cutting to Size (Dry)

Undated, but probably from the 1940s-1950s.
30 Pages removed from an industrial supply catalog

Includes information on:
Norton Mounted Points and Wheels
Norton Resinoid Bonded Diamond Grinding Wheels
Norton Diamond Wheels
Norton Cut-Off Wheels
Grinding Wheels

Condition: Acceptable. Uneven page edges. Some spots and a little writing.

Pages: 30

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