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Title: Okonite Insulated Wires and Cables for Marine Needs Brief Catalog

Publication Date: 1944

Asbestos References:
Asbestos is described as one of the available insulations and protective coverings. Specifically, it says:

"Cables can be supplied with synthetic rubber, varnished cambric, asbestos, glass fiber and synthetic resin insulations as required."

Protective Coverings
"Flame, moisture and oil-resistant coverings are available in all types; fibrous coverings, including glass and asbestos, neoprene, synthetic rubber, synthetic-resin and metallic braids, as required."

This 4 page catalog (or brochure) advertises that "Okonite has specialized in the development and manufacture of Navy cables..." It says that "Okonite can furnish various types of cable called for in the U.S. Navy Bureau of Ships Specification 15C1 (Int.)"

It also says that due to national security, they can not supply detailed information on the products designed for military and naval use.

Products featured in this catalog include:
Shipboard Cables - Merchant Marine Types
Hazakrome - Small Boat Cable
A New Waterproof Shipboard Cable - Loxsteel
Shipyard Cables
Okonite Varnished Cambric
Hazard Performite Type RH for Wiring buildings
Hazard Armorite Underground Cable
Okocord for Portable Equipment and Welding

Pages 2 & 3 of this catalog do have black & white illustrations of the products.

This WWII era catalog is from a 1944 publication and it is code dated 5M-44.

Condition: Good.

Pages: 4

SKU: 1039


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