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Title: Particulate Clouds: Dusts, Smokes & Mists

Author: H. L. Green and W. R. Lane

Publication Date: 1964

Edition: 2nd

Asbestos References:
Information about filters containing asbestos, including wool-asbestos, asbestos-bearing paper, and cotton-asbestos.

Asbestosis caused by breathing asbestos dust is mentioned. Paragraph on pneumoconiosis, which also mentions fibrosis of the lungs caused by silica dust, asbestos, or other dust.

Asbestos filters are discussed in a section on indi

idual protection. It says, "Asbestos was used before the second World War in paper filters made from esparto base and also in the floccolent carded wool lap de

eloped by Green (1936b)."

Also in the section about respirators: "De

elopment of efficient dust respirators in Great Britain has centred round the wool-asbestos and wool-resin filters. The earliest of the appro

ed types, the Mark IV dust respirator de

eloped by Sadd and others (1938), consists of a moulded rubber facepiece carrying two double filter units of wool-asbestos...." This book also has a diagram of the Mark IV dust respirator showing the wool-asbestos filters.

There is an illustration of a glo

e box filter for remo

ing radioacti

e airborne contamination. This filter used wool-asbestos as one of its components.


intage scientific book with information about asbestos filters.

Condition: Acceptable. Ex-library book with card pocket, stamps, stickers, and typical marks. Break in binding in one place. Occasional small stains and creases. Dust jacket price clipped.

Pages: 471

Binding: Hardcover

Weight: 2lb 6oz

Dimensions: 6.75" x 10.00"

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