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Title: Polyester Resins

Author: John R. Lawrence

Publisher: Reinhold Publishing Company

Publication Date: 1964

Asbestos References:
Over 3 pages of information on Asbestos reinforcement. It says that Chrysotile fiber is most widely used. Crocidolite and amosite use is also mentioned as having slightly better heat resistance. It has information on crude asbestos, milled asbestos, fiber diameter, tensile strength, and heat resistance.

There are also asbestos references in other sections, as follows:

The chapter on "Molding Processes" mentions asbestos for reinforcement.

The section on "Continuous Laminating" says, "Electrical Insulation: Slot insulation for Class B motors made with glass cloth and glass cloth-asbestos paper combinations. Various other grades for electrical uses made with paper and glass reinforcement."

The chapter on "Miscellaneous Applications" says, "Polyester resins have also been used as binders in the construction of non-woven cotton, rayon, and asbestos mats."

The appendix of trade designations lists "Novabestos" as "asbestos and/or glass reinforcement and electrical insulation" and the company name listed is Raybestos-Manhattan Inc.

Polyester Resins
by John R. Lawrence, Product Manager for Plastics at The Glidden Company, Cleveland, Ohio
Copyright 1960, Third Printing, 1964

Condition: Ex-library with stickers, stamps, and card pocket. A couple of small stains to pages. Covers and spine have some wear. Otherwise, good condition.

Pages: 251

Binding: Hardcover

Weight: 15oz

Dimensions: 5.25" x 7.50"

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