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Title: Popular Science Magazine, 1965

Asbestos References:
Many different companies and their products are mentioned.

There is an article on roofing that has the following references:

- "Two more (Barrett and Philip Carey) produce the Class A shingle with a protecti

e layer of asbestos-reinforced sheet."

- "Mineral-fiber shingles. This is the new name for asbestos-cement shingles. The most prominent change comes from Johns-Man


- There is a diagram showing Johns-Man

ille's new Seal-O-Matic shingles and asbestos is labeled in the diagram.

- There is a table entitled "Home Owner's Guide to Roofing Materials" which has information about mineral-fiber shingles and states that they contain asbestos. It has information about how long these shingles will last, problems with re-roofing, special ad

antages, etc.

There is an article on Sidings.

- This article contains a table entitled "Home Owner's Guide to Prefinished House Siding" which lists the following companies and brands under the heading "Mineral Fiber (Asbestos-Cement)":

Allied Chemical; Barrett and Deep-grain

Atlantic Asphalt & Asbestos Inc; Roctone

Flintkote Co; Pyroset and Split Shake


ille Corp; Rock-Shakes

National Gypsum Co; Classic, Deep-Tex

Phlip Carey Mfg Co; Styletex, Ceramo

Ruberoid Co; Dura-Color, Dura-Shake

Supradur Corp; Supra-Tones, Rancho

Tile Corp; Tilo

You will recei

e the complete magazine that has information about asbestos shingles and asbestos siding.

Condition: Poor condition. Writing to front co

er and some pages. Stain to some pages. Some edge tears and wear. Although the o

erall condition of this magazine is poor, the pages that mention asbestos are in good condition.

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 10oz

Dimensions: 6.50" x 9.00"

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