Powminco Asbestos Fibers Ad

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Title: Powminco Asbestos Fibers Ad

Author: Powhatan Mining Company

Asbestos References:
This ad says that Powminco Asbestos "is the only completely fiberized acid-resistant asbestos fiber in the United States."

It is described as "now widely used as a filler and an absorbent and extender in phenolic and polyester resins."

It's described as "practically inert."

Powminco Asbestos Fibers Ad
Powhatan Mining Company

This is a 1/2 page advertisement... You will receive the whole page it is on, as pictured.

DATE: There is no copyright date, but this was removed from a 1961 publication.

Condition: Good. Light wear. As pictured.

Pages: 1

SKU: 855

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