Powminco Asbestos Advertisement

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Title: Powminco Asbestos Advertisement

Asbestos References:
This ad says that Powminco Asbestos is refined from Anthophyllite Asbestos and is used widely in Phenolic Molding Powders, Phenolic Resin Laminates, Melamine Resin Laminates, Cold-Molded Organic Plastics, Silicone Resin Laminates, Resinated Felts and Rubber Compounds.

It says that Powminco Asbestos has been used in the rocket and missiles industry.

Powminco Asbestos
Powhatan Mining Company
1 Page

DATE: Removed from a 1968-1969 publication. Dated on reverse side.

Condition: Good. Somewhat tanned from age.

Pages: 1

SKU: 610

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