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Title: Johns-Manville Documentation: Quinterra Electrical Insulation

Asbestos References:
It says, "All types of Quinterra Electrical Insulations consist of an inorganic base sheet made entirely from highly purified asbestos fiber."

This document says that the type of asbestos used was Canadian Chrysotile.
Products described:
Type 1 Quinterra
Type 3 Quinterra
Type 3 GTL Quinterra
Type 5 and 6 Quinterra

- Picture shows Quinterra insulated transformer
- Can be used for wrapping individual wires or groups of wires, as a separating dielectric between layers of coil, and for lining slots in which magnetic coils are placed
- Picture of applying Quinterra to stick-wound, small transformer coils
- "Type 3 GTL is offered primarily for use in the motor and generator manufacturing and repair industries wherever long life under high-temperature operating conditions is desired." Applications include insulation or binding tapes for armature coils or coil assemblies, rotor bars, field coil wrappers, phase separators, slot liners, etc.
- Caption under a picture says, "Types 5 and 6 Quinterra are used as layer and outer barrier insulation in dry-type transformers."

Johns-Manville Documentation
Quinterra Electrical Insulation

This document is 10 pages. It is dated August, 1951 (1st page) and April 1953.

Condition: Good. Corner crease. Stapled and hole-punched for use in a binder.

Pages: 10

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