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Title: Ruberoid Vinyl Asbestos and Asphalt Tile Catalog

Asbestos References:
This catalog has a 9 page section showing the patterns for Ruberoid Vinyl Asbestos Tile.

There are about 8 pages about Luran Vinyl Flooring. This section mentions the use of asbestos felt backing. Specifically it says that the Luran Regency Light Commercial Vinyl Flooring has a high quality asbestos Aquaflex backing. The Luran Regency Clean Room Vinyl Flooring has an asbestos felt back. New Luran Airtred and Luran Regency both ha

e Polymer Impregnated Asbestos Felt Backing.

Ruberoid Vinyl Asbestos and Asphalt Tile Catalog
Also: Vinyl Floors by Ruberoid Co, Sandura Di


Other Information:

There are two pages showing Ruberoid's Asphalt Tile, which is said to conform to Federal Specification SS-T-306-b

Date: Not dated, but remo

ed from a 1966 compilation.

Condition: Acceptable. Pages are good except for tearing to the back co

er near the edge, as pictured. This doesn't interfere with readability.

Pages: 26

SKU: 713

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